The Largest Carrier-Neutral Data Center In Beijing, The Chinacache Atecsys Data Center

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A data center plays a very important role by helping various entities in streamlining information and also enabling easy access to users and customers from anywhere across the globe.

It hosts various mission-critical applications, stores computer systems, and associated components.

The Chinacache Atecsys data center is a world-renowned data center which performs these crucial tasks accurately. It is regarded as the largest carrier-neutral data center in Beijing for valid reasons.

Facts Of Chinacache Atecsys Data Center

ChinaCache launches CHN-IX data center to empower internet

The construction for Atecsys, which is an advanced data center project, was commenced in the year 2013 by Chinacache International Holdings Limited. The company has over 19 years of experience in handling IDCs in various places in China. The data center is set to have 10 planned buildings. The first building has finished its construction in 2016. The specialty of this data center is not just limited to its size but it is also known for being the first ever eco-friendly and low-carbon footprint data center.

Chinacache Atecsys Data Center is strategically placed in Beijing’s largest Duty-Free Zone, Shunyi Tianzhu Comprehensive Bonded Area. It has been set up at a very close distance to the Beijing International Airport and other public transportation facilities. It comprises municipal facilities that meet the international standards. It is also the first ‘going global’ cloud data center in China to have made its appearance in Cloud Connect Las Vegas 2015 which is the world’s most popular Cloud Computing exhibition.

Structural Specifications Of Chinacache Atecsys

Atecsys Data Center

Chinacache Atcesys is spread across a colossal construction area of 80,000 square meters. This cloud data center constitutes a total of 10 buildings which includes nine data center buildings and one administration center. It proudly boasts of having an International TIA-942 Tier-III+ certification. Chinacache Atecsys Data Center is the largest data center present in Beijing due to the total number of racks. Each data center building will have more than 3000 rack spaces. So, for the entirety of nine data centers present at the same location, there will be over 27,000 racks.

It is prominent because of being rated as a National Class A data center. Being a carrier-neutral one, it supports interconnectivity between multiple telecommunication carriers and/or colocation providers. It constitutes more than 15000 cabinets.

Products And Services Offered

The Chinacache Atecsys Data Center provides a wide range of products and services. It has a superior Border Gateway Protocol linkage to all the prominent Internet service providers. It provides cabinet products and services such as VIP isolation cage, electric power transformation.

Even bandwidth products such as exchange port products, IP products etc are provided. The data center is also known for offering value-added products like International bandwidth products, leased circuit products, security, and analytical products. Services like ICP licensing, Room on-site service and much more are also offered. Read Heading Towards High Quality Data Storage Systems.

The Chinacache Atecsys can be considered as the Data Center with exemplary features and extraordinary capabilities that meets the present trends and is also compatible with the advancements in technology that would arise in the future.

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