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ETegro Technologies was incorporated in the year 2005. It is a renowned Global Engineering Company with a very rich experience in the industry. Our company manufactures a wide range of IT equipment and also provides both software and hardware solutions which are based on its equipment. It is mainly known for offering unparalleled Data Center solutions. We have also been progressing swiftly in the area of developing ICT solutions for clients of different sizes and industries.

We constantly interact with our customers in order to provide accurate services to satisfy the requirements regarding data storage systems, cluster systems, servers, rack solutions and much more. ETegro always promises to deliver highly innovative products and services so that our customers get more than what was asked for.

Highly Innovative Products
ICT Solutions

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Data Center Hardware and Infrastructure Management In Etegro

Cluster systems or also known as computer clusters refers to a group or cluster of computers working together. This can be considered as a single system.

Maintaining data or information of or about a company is now the hardest the thing which the company officials come across.

Russia, being a large country and has a good dominance in the European economy. This has made it one of the countries.

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