Opening The Third Austin Data Center In Hostway

Popular company has a huge customer

The company Hostway specializes in web hosting and technology. The company was founded in the year 1998 and has its current HQ Illinois, USA. It is a really popular company and has a huge customer base with around six hundred thousand of customers. The company recently opened its third data center in Austin and has made the headlines for it. The Austin III Data center is state of art and has the entire infrastructure one needs. The main reason for Hostway being so famous is for the quality service provided by them which has enabled them to work with some of the biggest names like Microsoft, Magento, and alert Logic. If you want to know more about the company and its history you can check out their story.

Features Of The Data Center Opened In Austin

One thing that can be expected from Hostway that they are bound to provide the best quality service and that’s something one can expect from this new data center too. Read Heading Towards High Quality Data Storage Systems.

Certain features of this center are:

  • Cooling facility and the generators

    The company has outright made statements to convey the message that their new data center will be safe and no compromise on performance will be made.

  • The company has laid and made use of a number of underground power and fiber routes and generates its own power produced at its own stations.
  • The company has the ability to reach a good routing speed around 100GB/s.
  • The cooling facility and the generators are all top notches.

Security Or Safety Protocols Of The Austin III

When it comes to web hosting and handling of data Hostway does the job quite well. But the huge amount of data needs a huge amount of protection and any compromise on these grounds can lead to a massive crisis when you have a huge customer base. One of the main things stressed upon by the company was that their data center will be safe and do believe them as they have laid down the following security protocols:

  • The data center needs to be physically guarded and thus there is the presence of security in the facility throughout the day, all throughout the year.
  • They have included biometrics as a security measure and have laid out two-factor authentication.
  • When one handles a business such as this one not only has a threat on the software front but also needs to protect all hardware and devices. Thus, the company has made sure there is a 5-barrier protection.

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